Sandpaper People

Do you have that one person that seems to rub you the wrong way? Every time you try do something right it is met with criticism. You try your best to hold your tongue, but the look on your face can really tell how you feel about the person as well as their criticism. Can I share something with you? Do you know what sandpaper is used for? Sandpaper is used to remove material from surfaces, either to make them smoother, to remove a layer of material, or sometimes to make the surface rougher. (wikipedia)

These people are what we call "Sandpaper People". Yes, they are in your lives not to make you irritated, but to help push you to your destiny.  Listen there is greatness in you aching to come out.  However, your true greatness cannot flourish until your loose ends are tied you and your rough edges are made smooth. Consider yourself "Under Construction". Not everybody that "Rubs" you the wrong way is meat to hurt you or tear you down. There are some people who are in your life to help push you to your next level. However, we just have to take a moment and receive correction, mature to the point where we do not have the attitude that everyone is out to get me and really take a moment and Pray and ask God to shine light in every experience in order to see what is the lesson to be learn or how are you to grow  from the experience.

On Your rise to the top, be thankful for the "Sandpaper People" who are being used to rub out your rough areas which in turn is preparing you for success! When you look at yourself as "Under Construction" this will allow the One and Only Carpenter to come in and construct or reconstruct the Masterpiece that is within you!