Our Vision

As a child growing up, I always desired love. I grew up attending Catholic School and I was amazed at how the Nuns (Sisters of Charity) took care of all of the children in our school as if we were their own children.  Deep in my heart I wanted to be like them, however, I desired to one day get married have children of my own. I wanted to serve the Lord, and as a child I would imitate the Priest and serve Holy Communion to my older brother, he would not eat it because I would make the bread by smashing it between my hands and making it a circle. Nevertheless, I memorized the service and all of the prayers. I pressed my parents and was baptized as Catholic and went through all of the protocols. My God Mother the Lord sent me was a Nun. Look at God! Sister Helen Francis.  

Years went by I married and divorced. My relationship with the Lord was rekindled when I went to a Non-Denominational Service in Nashville Tenn. Evangelist Bill Britt gave an Alter Call at the Convention Center. I was at an Amway Function. I was Blessed to have gone Diamond within Five (5) months. I was married with one child and all about making money to become very wealthy and to one day help people. Well that day was the beginning of my New Day. As I sat in the back of the Convention Center in February 1996, I remember he asked if anyone out there Loves the Lord and you are not ashamed of the Gospel, Please come forward and receive Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior today. I thought to myself: "Lord, You know I Love You! But I am not walking up there with all these people looking at me. And besides I have my Fur Coat and my Louis Vuitton Luggage and I'm waiting for my cab to get to the airport. Immediately I felt a tugging on my heart. Brother Britt extended the invitation again, I thought to myself: "Lord, You know I Love You! Then before I knew it, I left everything behind and I was walking up the isle, the only one, everyone else were seated and all eyes were on me, normally being a behind the scene person, in and of my own strength, I would have passed out, but God was leading me toward Him to express my Love for Him in Public and not be ashamed. By the time I made it down to the stage, others were following behind me. That day a warm Sunday in February in 1996 I gave my life to the Lord! Praise God! My life from that day on has not been a crystal stair. The devil put a hit on my Life! But God has been and still is my life, and light and my salvation and with Him do I live and have my being.


The struggle of Life is real, But as I have learned when I surrendered my life to the Lord and as I continue to seek first in my life His Kingdom, He continues to add all other things to me.  Growing up I knew I was special to God in some way. I had a love for His people, however I did not know how to express myself because I had been through so much and for years I just kept everything inside. I loved, yet I did not trust. I blessed many anonymously because I did not want to be taken advantage of  because of my generosity. Then one day I fell down and asked God to Move in my life. Although I had served in Ministry for 18 years, I desired to do more for His Kingdom and to reach More Souls. I asked Him for His Love for His People and No Longer to be afraid to Love and Give and Forgive!


In 2016, the Lord sent me my husband.  Together God is birthing His Ministry Through Us! Open Arms Ministries Worldwide.


Currently we have a Radio Program: Open Arms Ministries Worldwide Your Host: Pastor Cindy Crews on iHeart Radio/ WDRB Media airing Every Friday at 12:00 pm (EST). We are currently on Social Media and we have Partnered with Other Ministries as we are fulfilling our mission to Bless other Non-Profit Organizations in Need and who are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are currently Overseeing a Ministry in Kenya, Africa to assist in their efforts to advance the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We Love Israel and are currently expanding our efforts to Bless God's People.

We are living in God's will: Salvation & Prosperity. I once heard a Great Man of Faith share the meaning of Prosperity. He said Prosperity is the ability to use the Power of God to get Wealth and to use it to be a Blessing to His People in His Name! Glory to God! AMEN! Praise God!


We Welcome You to take a peek at our Project! Which is Covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ! Amen! 

God has brought Key Blessed & Highly Favored People who are assisting in moving forward in the advancement of God's Kingdom Business.

Our Passion is Our Purpose:

To Lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen individuals and families through :

1. Economic Stability

2. Education

3. Housing

4. Health and Wellness

5. Family

6. Assisting Charities in Need

7. Assisting Military Men & Women and their Families

8. Global Outreach: Support of Israel

9. Mental Illness Awareness

10. Legal Defense Fund


No Limits, No Bounds in helping all who need a hand up to get moving in their purpose and destiny in life........ It's never too late

John 2:5  Do It


In Prayer, I asked God to give me a vision and this is what he showed me: A Community with Open Arms, everyone Welcome to come into relationship with the Lord and to Prosper and be in Good Health even as our Souls Prosper.


I asked the Lord How?

He showed me a Sanctuary. It sits on a Hill, with large white columns on the outside. When you walk through the doors, onto the marble floors, you feel like Royalty, because you are Royalty! A child of the most High God, with fellow Christians greeting you with Love. The rest rooms to the left and to the right.  As you enter further inside there is the Welcome Center (circular). To the left of the Welcome Center is the Bookstore and to the right is the entrance into the two story Sanctuary with a seating capacity of five thousand. The Pulpit will be semi circle with wide screens for viewing from all side for our partners. The Praise and Worship Team will be located to the left (very from the entrance) fully equipped to usher in the presence of the Lord. (preferably a full Orchestra) Comfortable plush seating for all, handicapped, wheelchair for some even hospital bed accessible for all to enter in to experience a move of God.  An area will be available for those who are hearing impaired to see the Sign Language.  The Services will be Preached in may different languages, for the Gospel to be heard.


The Production Center: Located next to the Sanctuary. Will have state of the Art Production equipment. Equip to service the needs to promote the Gospel on every Social Media Platform available with the ability to Broadcast Live Television.


Security Center: Security Cameras will be strategically placed throughout the entire Campus. Within the Sanctuary, Trained Staff throughout the entire facility. 


Children and Babies are Welcome inside of the Sanctuary with their Families. There will be a Parent's Room Accessible for Families in the event they need privacy. Comfortable and inviting, plush seating as if they were sitting in the comfort of their living room.


On the Main Level across from the Sanctuary, will be a Snack Court. Fresh baked Healthy Pastries, Smoothies, Treats and Water will be sold or distributed.


Conference Rooms as well as a Prayer Room will be located on the Main Level of the Sanctuary. A walking trail will encompass the entire Sanctuary with a ramp leading to the second floor. (Praise Walks) 


Main Offices will be located on the second floor.


The Children's Center: Located on the second floor will have a Merry Go Round to the left of the entrance. Once inside; the children will be able to see the inside of the sanctuary. The Children's Center will have Staff trained to Minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Children. It will be colorful, engaging and food and snacks will be served. All Parents and Child/Children will have a monitor.


The Teen Ministry Center: Located on the second floor will be fully equipped with Staff to Minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will have access to computers, i pads,  game room, eatery and a chill zone.



Buildings on the Property on the Land



*Technology Plex Center

*Healthcare Center with a State of the Art Gymnasium (complete Nautilus Room)  Cycling and Aerobics and Rehabilitation Center included: Olympic sized Swimming Pool, Sauna and Therapeutic & Sports Massage Center.

*Equestrian Center: Teach all ages how to ride horses as well as to be used for Therapy

*5 Star Rated Hotel & Restaurant with the ability to sleep 150 Guests.

*Pet Hotel for lodging for pets

*Golf Course

*Staff Housing

*Transitional and Permanent Housing for Military Families

*Senior Center: (Providing Daily Activities, Housing and around the clock quality care)

* Educational Training Center for the Advancement of Job Placement: (Ages 18 and above)




        *Food Service

        *Information Technology Certification (IT)

     Certifications will be awarded after completion of Training and Job Placement.

*Charter School (Ages 18 months - 18 years)



Both walking, running and riding trails will be throughout the property. Proper Security and lighting to ensure the safety of all persons at all times.


I asked the Lord: Why a SportsPlex and and IT Plex?

He dropped in my Spirit: What better way to bring people of all backgrounds together than with Sports (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Tennis, Gymnastics, Golf). And for the Technology driven family members who have no interest in sports, allow them to express themselves through Computers, Chess, Gaming, Software Development.


Invite people from all over to host Tournaments and Play-Offs which will bring Revival and Revitalization to the area. And offer them all the opportunity to come to a Non-Denominational Service. All they need is for a seed to be planted within them. 

 No One will be turned away because they cannot afford to stay. The Ideal Area will have lakes, creeks or streams on the property. 

Our goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to All. We are Heirs to God's Kingdom and we feel that everyone should have the ability to enjoy Heaven on Earth. It is our desire to bring Jobs and Careers and HOPE to the State in which we reside as well as bring Revenue.  

We are Blessed to Be a Blessing. And those whom God has sent to Bless Us, Openly and Secretly, God is surely Blessing Them. (Genesis 12:3 KJV)


I thought to myself: Lord wouldn't this be great to do this here in the US as well as in Israel.....


This is only the beginning!

We Shall build a State of the Art Multiplex Community Center with Satellite Centers throughout the United States. The Centers will be called: Open Arms. All are welcomed! Open Arms are places for All People of the Community and Surrounding areas to gather and connect with each other and stay healthy through physical activity, mental activity and spiritual growth and development. We feel that through the Multiplex Centers, we will have the ability to foster healthy relationships within communities and the surrounding areas as well as to help each person reach their goals in life no matter what age.

We believe it's never too late to succeed in life and to achieve what you believe you can accomplish.

It is also our desire to bring job opportunities as well as job training programs to establish a financially secure community. 

Revitalizing: Lives, Communities & Hope! We All Need Each Other! 

Open Arms Multiplex Community Center

Bridging the gap so that all people can bond together and be strengthened along their journey in life!